Cultural richness

23 March 1147, the beginning of the period of government of the Almohads and of unprecedented prosperity in their capital Marrakech, the ochreous city, which is lain rather central in Morocco, against the impressive context of the snow covered tops of the High Atlas. At that date Abdel-Mou'men asked for the construction of the Koutoubiya mosque. The 11 years of heavy labour which followed, had to be made undone however.

The position of the mosque was unfortunaly not exacly aligned with Mecca. The second version of the so-called "mosque of the booksellers" still took another 40 years of work and Abdel's grandson Yacoub El Mansour embellished the mosque with an impressive minaret. In 1199 the complete construction work had arisen as it stills stands today.

Masjid Al Koutoubiya belongs, in all its overwhelming perfection, to the most glorious examples of North African Muslim architecture and is surrounded by breathtaking gardens. The Koutoubiya minaret is the oldest of the much-praised trio of towers of the powerful Almohad empire, beside the Giralde in Sevilla and the Hassentower of Rabat.

The mosque was constructed in Moor style, although a considerable number of andalusian elements has been added. At this day it looks rather tight, in red stone, but originally it was decorated with coloured stucco and tiling. The Koutoubiya, which rises above the low houses and markets surrounding it, is already over 800 years the symbol of the city of Marrakech.

The mosque itself is enormous and the minaret reaches 77 meters high towards heavenly atmosphese although they can also be found in some rare corners of this world. You just have to look around and enjoy the delicious food that we offer you and you will understand this immediately.

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